Cape Fox, Tlingit Village
Cape Fox, Alaska, Tlingit Village. PM 2004.29.3580


The text and materials in this exhibit derive from the book Feeding the Ancestors: Tlingit Carved Horn Spoons, by Anne-Marie Victor-Howe (Peabody Museum Press 2007). A former Associate Curator at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Dr. Victor-Howe is now an independent researcher. She continues to work closely with Native peoples in the Northwest Coast region.

Curatorial Production

Christina J. Hodge

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Samuel Tager

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Chris Danemeyer, Proun Environmental Graphic Design

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Tyler Drabick

Anthony Greaney


Scott Fulton
T.Rose Holdcraft


Cathy Armer

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Sarah Otto

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Jeffrey Quilter

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Pamela Gerardi

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Julie Brown


Special thanks to Bear Ayres, Steve Berger, Trish Capone, Jon Cravotta, Donna Dickerson, Sandra Dong, Genevieve Fisher, Lawrence Flynn, Robert Ganong, Susan Haskell, Patricia Kervick, Catherine Linardos, Diana Loren, Joan O'Donnell, Linda Ordogh, David Schafer, India Spartz, Janet Steins, and Anne-Marie Victor-Howe.