Airlifts and Orphanages

Afro-Asian orphan, PM 2003.17.1553
Amerasian orphans, PM 2003.17.1522
Orphan holding Caucasian baby doll, PM 2003.17.454
Orphanage bathing area, PM 2003.170.2980

“It should be made clear that the term ‘orphan’ when applied to children . . . in Korea . . . is a misnomer. . . . Many of the children in orphanages have at least one parent.”

—William F. Asbury, Christian Children’s Fund

Numerous projects were initiated to help Korea’s “homeless” or “unaccompanied” children. Among the best publicized were Operation Kidlift, in which American planes rescued children stranded in a no-man’s land, a self-governing self-supporting Boys’ Town on Ch’inu-do Island, and the Holt Adoption Agency, which arranged for international adoptions. In Pusan alone there were fifty orphanages. One special interest of Whitcomb’s was the Isabelle Orphanage, which housed children from six months to twelve-years-old, some fathered by U.N. and U.S. soldiers.