Request to Conduct Analytical Sampling


Prior to submitting a written request for permission to conduct analytical sampling, researchers are encouraged to schedule a visit to the Museum. This visit will enable the researcher to conduct a collections assessment and to select the specific items for which sampling permission is sought. For information on arranging research visits, click here

The research request should include the following information:

  • Date of request.
  • Requestor’s name, institutional affiliation, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. For joint projects, the requestor is defined as the principle investigator(s),however, all individuals/institutions participating in the project to whom data will be released must be listed as well.
  • Description of the project, including its significance (i.e., the research question being investigated), research methodology, and expected results.
  • Type(s) of analysis proposed, why they are appropriate to the nature of the research, and complete information about who will perform these analyses, including names of each institution/laboratory and full contact information.
  • Justification if requestor is seeking permission to take samples of the objects directly.
  • Explanation of available non-invasive or non-destructive approaches and a clear justification as to why a non-invasive technique cannot be used to address the proposed research questions.
  • Discussion of other possible sources of objects and explanation of why the Peabody Museum’s collections represent the only or best source for sampling.
  • List of specific items requested for sampling, including complete Peabody Museum numbers. The PMAE is not able to review blanket requests that do not list specific object numbers.
  • Sample size and/or weight requested for analysis and when applicable a description of the location on the object from which the sample will be taken (e.g., an image of the object with an arrow pointing to the sample location). Justification for amountof sample requested.
  • Date by which return of un-analyzed and remnant samples is expected.
  • If the requestor is a student, the request must be accompanied by a letter supporting the project from the faculty member supervising the student.

The Approval Process

For additional information on the approval process and procedures for approved requests, please read our Analytical Sampling Policies and Procedures.

Contact Us

Please send your written request by email to or by mail to Registrar, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, 11 Divinity Avenue, Cambridge, Mass. 02138.