Rituals of the Street: 1987-1990

Newar farmers carry their daily supplies on carpans across the winter footbridge over the Vishnumati river as they head to agricultural fields on the edge of the city. The Kankeshwori temple is silhouetted in the mist. Kathmandu, 1987. PM 2015.2.26.3
A sick man is portered from his village to the hospital at Khadbhari, over two days’ walk away. Arun Khola, Sankhuwasabha district, 1987. PM 2015.2.26.4
In an early morning downpour during the Teej Fesitval, a Brahmin priest waits for women clients who will bathe in the Bagmati River. Teku, Kathmandu, 1989. PM 2015.2.26.36
Preparing a ritual penitent during Durga Puja. On the tenth and final day of the Dashain fesitaval, which commemorates the slaying of a demon king, a male from each family performs a nightlong penance. Bhaktapur, 1988. PM 2015.2.26.35
Barbers await clients in the early morning winter fog on the Tundhikhel playing fields. Kathmandu, 1989. PM 2015.2.26.38