Taxi Kathmandu: 2011

At Chabahil, a passenger wearily eyes the photographer’s camera while his daughter watches the stalled traffic ahead. Kathmandu, 2011. PM 2015.2.26.47
Young Nepali tourists at the Narayanhiti Royal Palace Museum. The palace, including the royal bedroom and the demolished pavilion where the June 2001 massacre of the royal family occurred, is now open to the public. Kathmandu, 2010. PM 2015.2.26.48
A deep and ancient well at Dattatreya Square, Bhaktapur, has less than four inches of water. The bricks are beautifully worn by centuries of buckets and ropes rubbing their sides. PM 2015.2.26.51
An elderly Tibetan women with prayer wheel and rosary holds her hands in prayer as she enters the Boudhanath Stupa area on the Tibetan New Year, while Nepali police await a call to action. Kathmandu, 2011. PM 2015.2.26.54

Today the foreign photographer everywhere meets young Nepalis with cameras. They are shooting back, taking back, sharing images among each other and sending them to distant friends and relations in Kathmandu, Dubai, or Jackson Heights.