Davíd Carrasco

Neil Rudenstine Professor of Latin American Studies and Director, Moses Mesoamerican Archive

Davíd Carrasco is an historian of religions with a joint appointment in the Harvard Divinity School and the Department of Anthropology in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, specializing in Mesoamerican religions and theory and method in the study of religion.

The Moses Mesoamerican Archive and Research Project (MMARP) was officially established in 1984 through the intellectual collaboration Carrasco, archaeologist Eduardo Matos Moctezuma, and archaeoastronomer Anthony Aveni. In 2001, MMARP, moved to its current location in the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University where it continues to convene conferences and workshops, produce academic publications, and pursue its intellectual mission of organizing and disseminating new knowledge about the history of religion and society in Mesoamerica.

MMARP contains a photographic archive of the excavation of the Templo Mayor in Mexico City from 1978 to the present, of past and ongoing archaeological work in Teotihuacan, of pre-Hispanic and colonial Mesoamerican pictorial codices, and of Mexica masterpieces and other artifacts from the Templo Mayor Museum and the National Museum of Anthropology. It also houses a collection of materials resulting from the activity of an interdisciplinary working group of scholars in Mesoamerican art, archaeology, history, anthropology, religion, and ecology, which for over thirty years has met in a series of conferences and other events under the leadership of Carrasco.

The Archive working together with the Meso Lab contributes to a robust teaching, research, and publication life and serves as an educational resource for various events and exhibitions at the Peabody Museum, including the newly installed Ocarina exhibition, plus the Day of the Dead altar installed on the third floor and the annual Día de los Muertos events throughout the museum.

Carrasco's teaches Harvard courses with anthropologists Arthur Kleinman, William Fash, Michael D. Jackson and linguist María Luisa Parra.

Ph.D. (1977) History of Religions, University of Chicago  

Selected Publications

Quetzalcoatl and the Irony of Empire: Myths and Prophecies Among the Aztecs (2001)
Religions of Mesoamerica (1998)
City of Sacrifice (2000)
Waiting for the Dawn: Mircea Eliade in Perspective (ed) (1991)
Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures, Editor in Chief (2000)
Mysteries of the Maya Calendar Museum, co-author with Laanna Carrasco, (2012)


National Academy of Arts and Sciences
Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle (2004)
Petra T. Shattuck Excellence in Teaching Award from the Harvard University Extension School
Academia Mexicana de Historia Correspondiente de la Real de Madrid (2011)