Jeffrey Dobereiner

Department of Anthropology, Harvard University

Jeffrey Dobereiner is anthropological archaeologist in the Harvard University Department of Anthropology and a member of the Proyecto Arqueológico Busilja - Chocolja.  He studies the emergence of complex society during the Mesoamerican Formative Period.  His NSF-supported dissertation project at Rancho Búfalo, Chiapas, Mexico focused on the dynamic local response of a Preclassic Maya (2000 BC – AD 250) population located on a geographic crossroads between the Gulf Coast Olmec, the Maya of the Guatemalan Lowlands, and the Pacific Coast.  

Jeffrey is now building on this work through a new project at the early Olmec capital of La Venta, Tabasco, Mexico, in collaboration with Dr. Rebecca Gonzalez Lauck of Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia.  Through systematic survey and excavations, they will work to reconstruct how people living in the immediate environs of the site contributed to the rise of this prototypical Mesoamerican center, and compare this process to examples from other world-regions.

B.A. (2009) Brandeis University
A.M. (2012)  Harvard University
Ph.D. (2016, expected) Harvard University