Artifact Re-Contextualization Project, Copan, Honduras

As part of on-going research and collaboration with the Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History (IHAH) this project was implemented by Barbara Fash, at the request of IHAH personnel in Copan, to aid them in improved collection management and object records. Many of the objects housed within the Centro Regional de Investigaciones Arqueológicas (CRIA) in Copan, Honduras have become dissociated from their contextual information through the passing of time and changes at the CRIA. The artifact re-contextualization project, carried out by Kate Brunson and Lexy Hartford, utilizes publications, field notes, and other forms of documentation (i.e. photographic) to re-identify these objects and restore their contexts. The project aims to provide long-term care for the objects housed within the CRIA and make these collections more accessible and usable to both local and foreign scholars.