Volumes 1-2

Vol. 1.1

Year of Publication: 2003 

  • Krzysztof Cyrek, "Biśnik Cave: a reconstrucction of the site's occupation in the context of environmental changes."  PDF
  • Mina Weinstein-Evron, Guy Bar-Oz, Yossi Zaidner, Alexander Tsatskin, Dotan Druck, Naomi Porat, and Israel Hershkovitz, "Introducing Misliya Cave, Mount Carmel, Israel: a new continuous Lower/Middle Paleolithic sequence in the Levant."  PDF
  • Helene Valladas, Norbert Mercier, Catherine Escutenaire, Tomasz Kalicki, Janusz K. Kozlowski, Valery Sitlivy, Krzysztof Sobczyk, Alexander Zięba, and Brigitte Van Vliet-Lanoë, "The Late Middle Paleolithic blade technologies and the transition to the Upper Paleolithic in Southern Poland: TL dating contribution."  PDF
  • Silvia Ferrari and Marco Peresani, "Trapezoids and double truncations in the Epigravettian assemblages of Northeastern Italy."  PDF

Vol. 1.2

Year of Publication: 2003

  • Michael D. Petraglia, Joseph Schuldenrein, and Ravi Korisettar, "Landscapes, activity, and the Acheulean to Middle Paleolithic transition in the Kaladgi Basin, India."  PDF
  • Daniel S. Adler, Timothy J. Prindiville, and Nicholas J. Conard, "Patterns of spatial organization and land use during the Eemian Interglacial in the Rhineland: new data from Wallertheim, Germany."  PDF
  • Eugeniusz Foltyn and James K. Kozlowski, "The lower level of the site of Dzierzyslaw I, Opole voivodship (Silesia, Poland) and the problem of the Bohunician."  PDF
  • Lawrence Guy Straus and Mauel González Morales, "Early-mid Magdalenian excavations in El Mirón Cave (Ramales, Cantabria, Spain): report on the VII campaign (2002)."  PDF
  • Ran Barkai and Ehud Galili, "The PPNC bifacial tool industry from the submerged site of Atlity-Yam, Israel."  PDF

Vol. 2.1

ISBN: 9788391641552 | Year of Publication: 2004

  • Bo Madsen and Naama Goren-Inbar, "Acheulian giant core technology and beyond: an archaeological and experimental case study."  PDF
  • Gonen Sharon and A. Nigel Goring-Morris, "Knives, bifaces, and hammers: a study in technology from the southern Levant."  PDF
  • Vladimir B. Doronichev, Bonnie A. B. Blackwell, Lubov V. Golovanova, Galina M. Levkovskayo, and Genrietta A. Pospelova, "Treugol'naya Cave in the northern Caucasus, Russia: its chronology, paleoenvironments, industries, and relationship to the Lower Paleolithic in eastern Europe."  PDF
  • Ofer Bar-Yosef and Anna Belfer-Cohen, "The Qafzeh Upper Paleolithic assemblages: 70 years later."  PDF

Vol. 2.2

ISBN: 9788391641569 | Year of Publication: 2005

  • Yingsan Fang, Yunping Huang, and Chen Shen, "Pebble semicircle structure from a Lower Paleolithic site in southern China."  PDF
  • Silvia Tomášková, L'ubomíra Kaminská, Maria Hajnalová, and Dale Hudler, "Mapping Gravettian eastern Europe: Cejkov and eastern Slovak settlement in context."  PDF
  • Margarita Koumouzelis, Janus K. Kozlowski, and Malgorzata Kaczanowska, "End of the Paleolithic in the Argolid (Greece): excavations in Cave 4 and Cave 7 in the Klisoura Gorge."  PDF
  • William A. Parkinson, Attila Gyucha, Richard W. Yerkes, Apostolos Sarris, Meredith Hardy, and Margaret Morris, "Settlement reorganization at the end of the Neolithic in Central Europe: Recent research in the Körös River valley, southeastern Hungary."  PDF