Volumes 3-5

Vol. 3.1

ISBN: 9788391641576 | Year of Publication: 2005

  • Israel Nira Alperson-Afil and Erella Hovers, "Differential use of space in the Neandertal site of Amud Cave." PDF
  • Vadim N. Stepanchuk, "The archaic to true up interface: The case of Mira in the Middle Dnieper area." PDF
  • Yosef Garfinkel, Doron Dag, Brian Hesse, Paula Wapnish, Dolores Rookis, Gideon Hartman, Daniella E. Bar-Yosef Mayer, and Omri Lernau, "Neolithic Ashkelon: Meat processing and early pastoralism on the Mediterranean coast." PDF

Vol. 3.2

ISBN: 9788391641583 | Year of Publication: 2006 

  • John A. J. Gowlett, Jane Hallos, Simon Hounsell, Victoria Brant, and Nicholas C. Debenham, "Beeches Pit: archaeology, assemblage dynamics and early fire history of a Middle Pleistocene site in East Anglia, UK."  PDF
  • Ran Barkai, Avi Gopher, and Ron Shimelmitz, "Middle Pleistocene blade production in the Levant: an Amudian assemblage from Qesem Cave, Israel."  PDF

Vol. 4. 1-2

ISBN: 9788391641590 | Year of Publication: 2007

  • Michael J. Walker, Tomás Rodriguez Estrella, José Sebastián Carrió n García, Miguel Ángel Manchéno Jiménez, Jean-Luc Schwenninger, Mariano López Martínez, Antonio López Jiménez, Miguel San Nicolás del Toro, Matthew D. Hills, and Tina Walkling, "Cueva Negra del Estrecho del Rio Quí par (Murcia, southeast Spain): An Acheulian and Levalloiso-Mousteroid assemblage of Paleolithic artifacts excavated in a Middle Pleistocene faunal context with hominin skeletal remains."  PDF
  • Lubov V. Golovanova, Naomi E. Cleghorn, Vladimir B. Doronichev, John F. Hoffecker, George S. Burr, and Leopold D. Sulergizkiy, "The Early Upper Paleolithic in the Northern Caucasus (new data from Mezmaiskaya Cave, 1997 excavation)."  PDF
  • György Lengyel, Sándor Béres, and László Fodor, "New lithic evidence of the Aurignacian in Hungary."  PDF
  • Svetlana Medeanic and Igor V. Sapozhnikov, "The Late Paleolithic bison hunter site Bolshaya Akkarzha in the environment of the southeastern Europe."  PDF
  • Ofer Marder, Jacques Pelegrin, Boris Valentin, and François Valla, "Reconstructing microlith shaping: archaeological and experimental observation of early and final Natufian lunates at Eynan (Ain Mallaha), Israel."  PDF
  • Jean Guilaine and François Briois, "Shillourokambos and the neolithization of Cyprus: some reflections."  PDF
  • Cheryl A. Makarewicz, Nathan B. Goodale, Philipp Rassmann, Chantel White, Holly Miller, Jihad Haroun, Eric Carlson, Alexis Pantos, Matt Kroot, Seiji Kadowaki, Aksel Casson, James T. Williams, Anne E. Austin, and Benjamin Fabre, "El-Hemmeh: a multi-period Pre-Pottery Neolithic site in the Wadi el-Hasa, Jordan."  PDF

Vol. 5.1

Year of Publication: 2007

  • Donald Henry and April Nowell, "Time-Space patterns observed in Pre-Pottery Neolithic B point attributes from Ayn Abū Nukhayla."  PDF
  • Marie-Hélène Moncel and Maria Gema Chacón, "Contributions to the understanding of Neanderthal technical behavior during end of OIS 6 and late interglacial (OIS 5) in southern Europe: The lithic assemblage of upper level in the site of Payre (Rhône Valley, Southeastern France)."  PDF
  • Mentor Mustafa and Geoffrey A. Clark, "Quantifying diachronic variability: the 'Ain Difla rockshelter (Jordan) and the evolution of Levantine Mousterian technology."  PDF
  • Marco Peresani and Fabio Gurioli, "The Rio Secco Cae, a new final Middle Paleolithic site in North-Eastern Italy."  PDF
  • Jiří Svoboda, Mária Hajnalová, Ivan Horáček, Martin Novák, Antoní Přichystal, Andrea Sajnerová, and Alla Yaroshevich, "Mesolithic settlement and activities in rockshelters of the Kamenice River Canyon, Czech Republic."  PDF
  • Marcel Otte, "Comments on Mezmaiskaya (Northern Caucasus)."  PDF
  • Lubov Golovanova, Vladimir Doronitchev, and Naomi Cleghorn, "Getting back to basics: a response to Otte 'Comments on Mezmaiskaya.'"  PDF

Vol. 5.2

ISBN: 9788392325918 | Year of Publication: 2009

  • Daniel S. Adler and Olaf Jöris, "Dating the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic boundary across Eurasia."  PDF
  • Michael Bolus and Nicholas J. Conard, "What can we say about the spatial-temporal distribution of early Aurignacian innovations?"  PDF
  • Esteban Álvarez Fernández and Olaf Jöris, "Personal ornaments in the Early Upper Paleolithic of Western Eurasia: an evaluation of the record."  PDF
  • Joaquim Soler Subils, Narcís Soler Masferrer, and Julià Maroto, "L’Arbreda’s Archaic Aurignacian dates clarified."  PDF
  • Federico Bernaldo de Quiros, Jose Manuel Maillo, and Ana Neira, "The place of unit 18 of El Castillo Cave in the Middle to Upper Paleolithic transition."  PDF
  • György Lengyel and Zsolt Mester, "A new look at the radiocarbon chronology of the Szeletian in Hungary."  PDF
  • Paraskevi Elefanti, Eleni Panagopoulou, and Panagiotis Karkanas, "The transition from the Middle to the Upper Paleolithic in the Southern Balkans: the evidence from the Lakonis I Cave, Greece."  PDF
  • Yaroslav V. Kuzmin, "The Middle to Upper Paleolithic transition in Siberia: chronological and environmental aspects."  PDF
  • Ludmila V. Lbova, " Chronology and paleoecology of the Early Upper Paleolithic in the Transbaikal region (Siberia)."  PDF