Volumes 10-11

Vol. 10. 1-2

Year of Publication: 2013

  • Albert J. Ammerman, "Introduction." PDF
  • Thomas W. Davis, "Chronological Framework." PDF
  • Jean-Denis Vigne, "The origins of mammals on the Mediterranean islands as an indicator of early voyaging." PDF
  • Andrew M. T. Moore and Douglas J. Kennett, "Cosmic impact, the Younger Dryas, Abu Hureyra, and the inception of agriculture in Western Asia." PDF
  • Ofer Bar-Yosef, "The homelands of the Cyprus colonizers: selected comments." PDF
  • Daniella E. Bar-Yosef Mayer, "Marine resources in the Early Neolithic of the Levant: their relevance to early seafaring." PDF
  • Geoff N. Bailey, "Early seafaring and the archaeology of submerged landscapes." PDF
  •  Albert J. Ammerman, "Tracing the steps in the fieldwork at the sites of Aspros and Nissi Beach on Cyprus." PDF
  • Alan H. Simmons, "Akrotiri-Aetokremnos (Cyprus) 20 years later: an assessment of its significance." PDF
  • Jean-Denis Vigne, Antoine Zazzo, Isabella Carrère, François Briois and Jean Guilaine, "The transportation of mammals to Cyprus sheds light on early voyaging and boats in the Mediterranean Sea." PDF
  • François Briois and Jean Guilaine, "On the chipped stone assemblages at Klimonas and Shillourokambos and their links with the mainland." PDF

Vol. 11. 1-2

Year of Publication: 2014

  • Sturt W. Manning, "Temporal placement and context of Cyro-PPNA activity on Cyprus." PDF
  • Małgorzata Kaczanowska and Janusz K. Kozłowski, "The Aegean Mesolithic: material culture, chronology, and networks of contact." PDF
  • Adamantios Sampson, "The Aegean Mesolithic: environment, economy, and voyaging." PDF
  • Nikos Efstratiou, "The late forager camp of Ouriakos on the island of Lemnos: Human groups on the move at the turn of the Holocene in the Northern Aegean." PDF
  • Onur Özbek and Burçin Erdogu, "Initial occupation of the Gelibolu Peninsula and the Gökçeada (Imbroz) island in the pre-Neolithic and Early Neolithic." PDF
  • Curtis Runnels, Chad DiGregorio, Karl W. Wegmann, Sean F. Gallen, Thomas F. Strasser, Eleni Panagopoulou, "Lower Palaeolithic artifacts from Plakias, Crete: Implications for hominin dispersals." PDF
  • Andrew M. T. Moore, "The spread of farming to the Adriatic: New insights from Dalmatia." PDF
  • Marcello A. Mannino, "The question of voyaging foragers in the Central Mediterranean." PDF
  • João Zilhão, "Early prehistoric voyaging in the Western Mediterranean: Implications for the Neolithic transition in Iberia and the Maghreb." PDF
  • Albert J. Ammerman, "Setting our sights on the distant horizon." PDF