Mesoamerican 3D Models

Seated human figure, Hieroglyphic Stairway, Structure 26, Copan, Honduras (PM 93-27-20/C871)
Cast of Altar Q, Copan (PM 93-27-20/C580)
Cast of the stone monument of Motecuhzoma II (PM 30-48-20/C11033)
Peccary skull with incised scene and glyphs, Copan, Honduras (PM 92-49-20/C201)
Slate backed pyrite mirror, incised with stylized human figures and designs, Costa Rica (PM 977-4-20/25495)
Inscribed stairway block, La Corona, Guatemala (PM 2003.32.1)
Inscribed stairway block, La Corona, Guatemala (PM 2003.32.2)
Lintel 2, Piedras Negras, Guatemala (PM 00-36-20/C2740)
Altar F', Copan (PM 92-49-20/C88)
Stucco frieze, Building A-sub, Group II, Holmul
Polychrome plate, Structure F, Group 1, Holmul

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