Paintings, Prints, & Drawings

The Peabody Museum has a small but significant collection of paintings, prints, and drawings, including nearly two hundred paintings and nine hundred and fifty works of art on paper. Works on paper include watercolors and pencil and pen and ink drawings, as well as pastels, dry points, etchings, engravings, charcoal and crayon sketches, and lithographs.

The David I. Bushnell, Jr. Collection

Seth Eastman watercolor

Alamo at San Antonio, Texas, watercolor,
Seth Eastman, 1848. Pho
tograph by Hillel Burger. PM 41-72-10/119.

The David I. Bushnell, Jr. collection of American Art comprises about half of the Peabody's collection and includes works by George Catlin, Charles Bird King, George Gibbs, Edward Kern, and William Henry Holmes. The works of early artists, such as Alexander de Batz, Carl Wimar, and John Webber, are represented in the Collection. The more than one hundred and thirty oils, watercolors, and pencil sketches by Seth Eastman and drawings by Henry Elliot, including some from the Hayden Survey, depict mid-nineteenth-century America.

To access descriptions of the David I. Bushnell, Jr. collection, or other archival collections, go to the Peabody Museum page on HOLLIS for Archival Discovery, and then browse or search Finding Aids.  HOLLIS for Archival Discovery  is a union catalog of Finding Aids created by archival and manuscript repositories at Harvard.

Additional Collections

Other significant portions of the Peabody's paintings collection include the work of Frederick Catherwood, Tatiana Proskouriakoff, Joseph Lindon Smith, Antonio Tejeda, and Jean Charlot, depicting the monumental architecture of Mesoamerica; twentieth-century works by Native Americans, including Quah-Ah, Fred Kabotie, Ma Pe Wi, J.D. Roybal, and Jesse Cornplanter, as well as an extensive series of Inuit prints from the earliest years of the print cooperatives; a set of four oils by Augustin Brunias on Caribbean themes; and oils by Andre Champollion of Indian subjects. Paintings by Julian Scott and Margaret Magill Hodges relate to the Hemenway Southwest Expedition. Watercolors of South African rock art and painted photographs by E.A. Burbank are two other extensive collections.

Ball Court by Tatiana Proskouriakoff Zuni Corn Dance Watercolor

The Ball Court at Copan, Honduras, watercolor, Tatiana Proskouriakoff. Photo by Hillel Burger. PM 50-63-20/18488.

"Zuni Corn Dance," watercolor and tempera, Fred Kabotie, Hopi, 1920s. Photo by Hillel Burger.
PM 64-19-10/42483.