Peabody Museum Settles Lawsuit

Peabody Museum Settles Suit Against Indian Arts Dealer Steve Elmore

 Cambridge, September 1, 2016.  A federal judge ruled last week that native art dealer Steve Elmore violated his contract with the Peabody Museum at Harvard University when he published more than 100 pictures of Peabody objects that he had been allowed to photograph for his research. The Court entered judgment ordering Mr. Elmore to pay the Museum $10,000. 
“The Peabody brought the case after Elmore broke his contract by publishing research photographs in his book, and he refused to discuss any correction or re-publication with appropriate photos and captions,” according to Ben Allison of Bardacke Allison LLP, the lawyer representing Harvard and the Museum. The Museum also objected that photograph captions for its objects in Elmore’s book did not identify the objects or meet Museum standards. Read More