Peabody Museum Press

Stránská skála: Origins of the Upper Paleolithic in the Brno Basin, Moravia, Czech Republic

by Jirí Svoboda and Ofer Bar-Yosef, eds.

American School of Prehistoric Research Bulletins 47

In this volume, an international and interdisciplinary team of scholars—Czech and American archaeologists, paleoanthropologists, geologists, and biologists—report on the results of the investigations from 1980 through the 1990s at Stránská skála, a complex of open-air loess sites on the outskirts of the Brno Basin in the Czech Republic.

The volume presents in-depth studies of the geology, paleopedology, frost processes, vegetation, fauna, and archaeological features of Stránská skála that break new ground in our understanding of early modern humans in central Europe.

Jirí Svoboda is Professor at the University of Brno and Director of the Institute of Archaeology, Dolni Vestonice, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic.

Ofer Bar-Yosef is MacCurdy Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology, Harvard University.


ISBN 9780873655514
232 pages
170 line drawings
halftones, graphs, and maps