Remembering Awatovi

Awatovi archaeologists dancing
High spirits in the plaza at New Awatovi in 1939. Photo by Hattie Cosgrove. PM 2004.

The Story of an Archaeological Expedition in Northern Arizona, 1935-1939

Through 4/30/2009

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Awatovi, on Antelope Mesa, is one of the first villages of the Hopi mesas in northeastern Arizona. The area’s early history is shared by several Puebloan peoples, though Oowatovi (as the Hopi spell it) was a Hopi village by the early 1500s.

Remembering Awatovi goes behind the scenes of the last archaeological expedition of its kind at this ancient site. Part history of archaeology and part social history, the exhibit reveals what the archaeologists found in the village of Awatovi, with its beautiful kiva murals, and how the archaeologists lived in “New Awatovi,” the camp they built for themselves beside the dig. The written and photographic records of “New Awatovi” add a new dimension to the discoveries of the dig itself. 

Available from Peabody Museum Press

Remembering Awatovi: The Story of an Archaeological Expedition
in Northern Arizona 1935–1939

By Hester A. Davis.
2009 Bookbuilders of Boston New England Book Show winner. General trade cover.

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