Inside the Peabody Museum June 2017

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The Stories of Historic Harvard Yard 

Summer Science Weeks at the Peabody

Peabody Museum Press Book Wins Award

In Case You Missed It...

Harvard Yard excavation

The Stories of Historic Harvard Yard

If you've ever wondered about Harvard's early history, you're not alone. Peabody Museum archaeologists and students excavated Harvard Yard last fall, and this spring they researched and digitized their finds. See the stories behind the objects, as reported and imagined by the students of Anthropology 1130, The Archaeology of Harvard Yard

Native American Technology

Summer Science Weeks at the Peabody 

For five days this summer, students entering grades 5–6 can become experimental anthropologists and use a spear thrower, drill a hole with a bow-drill, and try other technologies of Indigenous peoples of North America in Native American Technologies (shown above). And later this summer, students entering grades 3–4 can explore the daily life of the ancient Maya people through hands-on activities with hieroglyphs, clay, food, outdoor games, and some surprises. Advance registration is required for both programs. 

Summer Science Week: Native American Technologies  
Summer Science Week: Peabody Explorers


The Resolution of the Suspect

Peabody Museum Press Book Wins Award

Distinguished Argentine-Israeli photographer Miki Kratsman has worked in the Palestinian Occupied Territories for over three decades, documenting the evolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including its daily effect on the Palestinian population. In Kratsman’s view, the accumulated documentation of this difficult daily routine is more significant—and more disquieting—than single images of dramatic events. Kratsman won the Peabody Museum's 2011 Robert Gardner Fellowship in Photography, and his resulting book, The Resolution of the Suspect (Peabody Museum Press), visualizes the ways in which the shadow of death hovers, sometimes literally, over his Palestinian subjects. The book took first prize in the New England Museum Association's 2017 Book Publications category.

Boston Globe article

In Case You Missed It: All the World Is Here Exhibition in the News  

"...a striking new exhibition"  “…a nuanced tribute to the museum, to the 1893 [World’s] fair, and to a discipline whose origins are still riven by political debate.”
-- Wall Street Journal (link is for subscribers)

-- Boston Globe

"Many objects...are rarely seen treasures, and can prompt a double take from visitors."
-- Harvard Gazette

"As part of a yearlong 150th anniversary celebration, the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology held a shadow puppet event, The Magic of Java..."
-- Cambridge Chronicle



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