Volumes 46-53 & 57

Volume 46, no. 1. 1951. The Anthropology of Iraq: The Northern Jazira, Henry Field. 

Volume 46, no. 23. 1952. Anthropology of Iraq: Kurdistan and Conclusions, Henry Field. 

Volume 47. 1952. Culture: A Critical Review of Concepts and Definitions, A. L. Kroeber and Clyde Kluckhohn. 

Volume 48, no. 1. 1953. Contributions to the Anthropology of the Caucasus, Henry Field. 

Volume 48, no. 2. 1956. An Anthropological Reconnaissance in the Near East, 1950, Henry Field. 

Volume 49, no. 1. 1954. Clay Figurines of the American Southwest, Noel Morss. 

Volume 49, no. 2. 1954. The Monagrillo Culture of Panama, Gordon R. Willey and Charles R. McGimsey (Appendix by Robert E. Greengo). 

Volume 49, no. 3. 1957.The Archaeology of Central and Southern Honduras, Doris Stone. 

Volume 50, no. 1. 1957. A Chancay-Style Grave at Zapallan, Peru: An Analysis of Its Textiles, Pottery and Other Furnishings, S. K. Lothrop and Joy Mahler. 

Volume 50, no. 2. 1957. Late Nazca Burials at Chaviña, Peru, S. K. Lothrop and Joy Mahler.

Volume 51. 1963. Archaeology of the Diquís Delta, Costa Rica, S. K. Lothrop.

Volume 52. 1959. An Anthropological Reconnaissance in West Pakistan, 1955, Henry Field. 

Volume 53. 1961. La Victoria: An Early Site on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala, Michael D. Coe. 

Volume 57, no. 1. 1966. Craniometry and Multivariate Analysis: The Jomon Population of Japan, by W. W. Howells, and A Multiple Discriminant Analysis of Egyptian and African Negro Crania, by Michael Crichton.