Volumes 46-53 & 57

Volume 40, no. 1. 1949. Gregorio, the Hand-Trembler: A Psychobiological Personality Study of a Navaho Indian, Alexander H. Leighton and Dorothea C. Leighton (Report no. 1, Ramah Project).

Volume 40, no. 2. 1950. Some Sex Beliefs and Practices in a Navaho Community, with Comparative Material from Other Navaho Areas, Flora L. Bailey (Report no. 2, Ramah Project).

Volume 40, no. 3. 1951. Three Navaho Households: A Comparative Study in Small Group Culture, John M. Roberts (Report no. 3, Ramah Project).

Volume 40, no. 4. 1952. Ethnobotany of the Ramah Navaho, Paul A. Vestal (Report no. 4, Ramah Project).

Volume 41, no. 1. 1951. Navaho Veterans: A Study of Changing Values, Evon Z. Vogt (Reports of the Rimrock Project Values Series, no. 1).

Volume 41, no. 2. 1954. Changing Navaho Religious Values: A Study of Christian Missions to the Rimrock Navahos, Robert N. Rapoport (Reports of the Rimrock Project Values Series, no. 2).

Volume 41, no. 3. 1954. Enemy Way Music: A Study of Social and Esthetic Values as Seen in Navaho Music, David P. McAllester (Reports of the Rimrock Project Values Series, no. 3).

Volume 42, no. 1. 1954. Land-Use in the Ramah Area of New Mexico: An Anthropological Approach to Areal Study, John L. Landgraf (Report no. 5, Ramah Project)

Volume 42, no. 2. 1954. A Study of Rorschach Responses in Four Cultures, Bert Kaplan (Report no. 6, Ramah Project).

Volume 42, no. 3. 1954. Navaho Acquisitive Values, Richard Hobson (Reports of the Rimrock Project Values Series, no. 5).

Volume 43, no. 11954. Zuni Law: A Field of Values, Watson Smith and John M. Roberts (Reports of the Rimrock Project Values Series, no. 4).

Volume 43, no. 21962. The Talamancan Tribes of Costa Rica, Doris Stone.

Volume 44, no. 1. 1957. An Archaeological Survey of West Central New Mexico and East Central Arizona, Edward Bridge Danson.

Volume 44, no. 21962. The Cerro Colorado Site and Pithouse Architecture in the Southwestern United States prior to A.D. 900, William R. Bullard, Jr.

Volume 45, no. 1. 1958. Body-Marking in Southwesterm Asia, Henry Field.

Volume 45, no. 21960. North Arabian Desert Archaeological Survey, 1925–50, Henry Field.

Volume 46, no. 1. 1951. The Anthropology of Iraq: The Northern Jazira, Henry Field. 

Volume 46, nos. 2, 3. 1952. Anthropology of Iraq: Kurdistan and Conclusions, Henry Field. 

Volume 47. 1952. Culture: A Critical Review of Concepts and Definitions, A. L. Kroeber and Clyde Kluckhohn. 

Volume 48, no. 1. 1953. Contributions to the Anthropology of the Caucasus, Henry Field. 

Volume 48, no. 2. 1956. An Anthropological Reconnaissance in the Near East, 1950, Henry Field. 

Volume 49, no. 1. 1954. Clay Figurines of the American Southwest, Noel Morss. 

Volume 49, no. 2. 1954. The Monagrillo Culture of Panama, Gordon R. Willey and Charles R. McGimsey (Appendix by Robert E. Greengo). 

Volume 49, no. 3. 1957.The Archaeology of Central and Southern Honduras, Doris Stone.