Ashley Zhou


“I think there are not enough black people on the Crimson. Sorry, don't know how to better put it...” “The Crimson's less-than-stellar handling of a lot of cultural groups on campus and their lack of recent features (except Latinx Ed piece from Commencement) about Asian/Asian American/Latino/Indigenous/African/African American Studies suggests that covering those issues is not a priority for The Crimson.” “Some members of my own guard would ignore me and treat me as if I'm air even though we know each other” “I feel like that in order to get ahead in certain boards, you need to have the know certain things and people who have connections/prior history can always benefit first” “I think that the Crimson has a reputation for being a publication that doesn't respect activism or communities of color on campus. I also think that as long as it doesn't look like a very diverse organization when people start the comp process or come inside for any other reason, people who feel like they are different than the kinds of kids who work at the Crimson will feel like they should avoid it.”