Solange Neema Azor


TRANSLATION: Sun-angel (French) grace (Swahili) UNKNOWN (potentially Portuguese Creole or Spanish)

Afro-Caribbean pseudo*-immigrant experiences a familiar but unnatural environment. Her eyes and her hair** are coated with soft New England snow; she is layered with down feathers and alpaca fur***; her frost-tipped gaze**** settles on a neo-georgian fixture; the passing of the snow is oddly familiar to her*****.

*Pseudo because technically, yes, she was born in Kenya but she loves Fleetwood Mac and wears a blanket scarf.

**The possessive “her” is interesting here, because it is literally horsehair and braided by someone else but held together by thick Haitian curls.

***Melanin prepped her for a Naivasha sun but could not withstand the harshness of a Boston cold.

****Ah the gaze. She has anchored so much of her identity in social theory & social justice that even physical sight must be contextualized in a broader theoretical framework.

*****Perhaps it is because Solange has spent much of her time moving and blending.