Harvard Student


She is perfect in that her imperfections are curated, intentionally chosen from her plethora of failures so that you only see those which she wants you to see. 

She doesn't try anything new unless she can spin the potential failure (or potential success) into the fabric of her carefully-crafted image. 

Her Judaism is central to her identity, and yet, her sheer existence represents the fracturing of her Jewish community. 

Blonde Hair. Blue Eyes. 

"You don't look like a Jew." or "What would Hitler have done with you?"

She is rarely emotive, but almost always happy. 

She's medically-diagnosed allergic to bullshit.

She is an avid consumer of popular culture, and prides herself on Lorelai Gilmore-esque references. 

Kind, but not nice. Laughs, but rarely smiles. 

Is scandalized by bodily functions. 

Runs from the possibility of love, not for fear of failure, but for fear of success. 

Fears Love. Fears Intimacy. 

Seems fearless.