Born in arid wasteland the name of which no one knows. Horrible terrible defecating human being. Asymmetrical nostrils. Disintegrating and regenerating: flesh flushed with electricity & desire. Veritable abyss. Thinks often (unspeakable not unthinkable). Bleeds when stabbed. Seeking to regrow eyes after ritual gouging. Understands little. Does not seek to be understood. Thinks it might all be lies. Secretly wishes it were all lies. "patrick pender" a truth that leaves its final word unsaid (the joke is always about something else). Has dreamt only rarely since 2013 (what would freud say). No more sleeping problems (LIES!). No longer afraid of the dark. Fitter happier more productive comfortable but not in love. (d/r)eification (which way does it autocorrect?). stories of exile are stories of god. Ends that should not touch but touch nonetheless (cosmic orgasm). Why is there Nothing instead of Something? shut up im trying to scream