Austin Mueller



To sit or stand? Where to sit? Inside or outside? What room? In a chair? On the floor?  

What time of day? In the dark? Sunlight? With artificial lighting?

What to wear? Branded clothing? Something minimal? Nothing?

To look at the camera or look away? Smile or frown? Try to look cute or not? To edit away my blemishes or not? A filter or not?



What self to exhibit? Which instant represents me?

Does the power to plan and choose the ‘fine details’ invalidate the necessary reification of capturing and freezing a single moment?

For me, 1/25 of a second. For you: lingering perhaps up to 100 times that (will you consider me for more than 4 seconds?)


I give you exactly what you want:

A name, a brand, a category. Me in my ‘home.’

A flash of flight brings me into existence; I appear to you here.

History? Cast away.