Photographs of Peabody Collections


The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University is currently closed. Image and permissions requests will be answered as soon as possible, but please note that there will be a delay in processing requests depending upon availability of materials.


 The Peabody Museum will provide digital media of its collection for publication use. Please see below for procedures. In rare circumstances, the Museum will allow a researcher to publish his or her own photograph of a Peabody Museum object. The procedure for seeking permission involves a review of the photograph quality and the transfer of copyright for that photo to the Peabody Museum. For information on seeking permission to publish your own photographs, click here 



To request digital media (images, audio, and film) of Peabody collections or to have collections digitized, please fill out the Image and Permission Request Form and submit it online or send it to the address at the bottom of the form.

  • Standard processing time is three to four weeks if media is available.
  • Payment must be made in US dollars by check or credit card and prepayment is required. Please see Fee Schedule below.
  • A Permission to Reproduce form will be sent with any ordered media, including those for research purposes only. Please sign and date this form and return to:

                Office of Rights and Reproductions
                Peabody Museum
                Harvard University
                11 Divinity Avenue
                Cambridge, Mass. 02138

  • Please note that reproduction rights for media is not granted until the permission form has been countersigned by PMAE staff and returned to the requestor.
  • All permissions are granted with the requirement that the requestor provides one gratis copy of the publication or product to the Peabody Museum.
  • The Peabody Museum reserves the right to limit the number of copies; to restrict the use of reproduction of rare, valuable, or sensitive materials; to refuse permission for inappropriate use; and to charge different fees from one presented on this site.
  • The Peabody Museum does not grant exclusive rights and retains its rights to publish and/or grant permissions for others to do so.

Media & Permission Fee Schedule

Media Fees

Media fees refer to the costs of producing the media (e.g., scanning a document, new photography for three-dimensional objects, etc).

High Resolution Digital Scan $15
New Photography Fee $200
Additional/detail images
of same object or image 
New Scan—oversized 11" x 17" as quoted
New Audio/Video file as quoted


Permission Fees

Permission fees refer to costs associate with the particular use of the media.

  • Permission fees are based on a distribution of 2,000 copies and may be higher or lower according to distribution quantities.
  • Permission fees are applicable for one-time reproduction rights in one language, one edition only.
  • Requests for additional languages would be quoted the World Language Rights Package fee.
Editorial Use Non-Profit  Commercial Reuse
Print, inside editorial
(includes but not limited to book, journal, magazine, newspaper)
$50 $100 50% of original fee
Print, front cover
​(includes but not limited to book, journal, magazine, newspaper)
$100 $200 50% of original fee
Online publication
(includes but not limited to ebook, journal, magazine, newspaper)
$50 $100 50% of original fee
Special Uses      
Website (10-year term) $50 $100 50% of original fee
Scholarly Database (10-year term) No Fee No Fee No Fee
iPhone or Android Application (App) $50 $100 50% of original fee
DVD, CD-ROM, Video $50 $100 50% of original fee
Film, Non-broadcast Documentary $50 $100 50% of original fee
Broadcast (10-year term) $50 $100 50% of original fee
Broadcast & all media (excludes future media not yet invented) (10 year term) $400 $800 50% of original fee
Commercial Products, Interior (i.e., calendar, postcards, notebooks, brochure, etc.) $100 $200 50% of original fee
Commercial Products, Cover/Exterior (i.e., calendar, postcards, notebooks, brochure, etc.) $200 $400 50% of original fee
Exhibition No Fee No Fee No Fee
World Language Rights Package (all languages, unlimited print run)  $100 $200 50% of original fee
Other Uses As quoted As quoted 50% of original fee
Onsite filming of object(s), 2-hour minimum $150/hr $300/hr N/A
Rush Fee (request will be processed in 7 business days if media is available) $50 $50 N/A