Wild Diagnosis: Human Health and the Animal Kingdom


Mar 05, 2018, 6:00 pm
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Geological Lecture Hall, 24 Oxford Street
Barbara Natterson-Horowitz
Barbara Natterson-Horowitz

Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, Professor of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, and Co-Director, Evolutionary Medicine Program, UCLA; Visiting Professor, Department of Human and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University

Sudden cardiac death in kangaroos. Breast cancer in jaguars. Compulsive disorder in polar bears. All animals, including humans, are subject to a wide range of physical and psychological illnesses. Using pathological specimens from Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology, Barbara Natterson- Horowitz will discuss disorders in both living and extinct species. She will also examine the importance of comparative and evolutionary perspectives in deepening scientific understanding of disease and increasing our compassion toward affected patients—both human and non-human animals.

Lecture. Free and open to the public. Presented by Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology and Harvard Museum of Natural History
Geological Lecture Hall, 24 Oxford Street. Free event parking at 52 Oxford Street Garage.

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