Peabody Museum Daguerreotype Collections

The Peabody Museum is pleased to provide visual access to its rare and historically important collection of daguerreotypes once per semester for faculty, students, and individual researchers internal and external to Harvard. Because of their fragile nature, special policies and procedures are in place to help protect and preserve the daguerreotypes during these scheduled viewings. These policies and procedures apply to all daguerreotypes in the Museum’s care, including the Zealy daguerreotypes of enslaved Africans and African-Americans.

To increase the accessibility of the Zealy daguerreotypes, a set of reproduction daguerreotypes may be offered for viewing outside of this schedule.

For more information on viewing the originals or the reproductions, please see the documents Frequently Asked Questions and Class, Group, and Research Visits to View Daguerreotypes.

To view the daguerreotypes online, please visit the Peabody Museum’s Collections Online.

Mounted daguerreotype of two seated "Hindu" men in Western dress, c. 1850s. PM 35-5-10/53059.