Peabody Museum Press

Excavations at Seibal, Department of Peten, Guatemala, II

by Gordon R. Willey

Gair Tourtellot, III 
Jeremy A. Sabloff 
Robert Sharick 
Norman Hammond 
Richard M. Rose

Peabody Museum Memoirs 14

1. Artifacts. 2. A Reconnaissance of Cancuen. 3. A Brief Reconnaissance of Itzan

Seibal is a major ruin of the southern Maya lowlands, its vast ceremonial center covering several high hills on the banks of the Pasion River in the Guatemalan Department of Peten. In five volumes published over a 15-year period, the archaeological team headed by Gordon R. Willey presents a comprehensive review of their fieldwork from 1964 to 1968 and the results of many years of subsequent data analysis. The volumes also report on explorations in the peripheral settlements outside of the Seibal center and provide a regional view of the evolution of lowland Maya culture from the Middle and Late Preclassic through the Late Classic periods.


ISBN 9780873656863
262 pages
184 halftones