Peabody Museum Press

Human Documents: Eight Photographers

by Robert Gardner

Edited by Charles Warren
Photographs by 
Michael Rockefeller
Adelaide de Menil
Kevin Bubriski
Christopher James
Jane Tuckerman
Susan Meiselas
Alex Webb

In Human DocumentsRobert Gardner introduces the work of photographers with whom he has worked over a period of nearly fifty years under the auspices of the Film Study Center at Harvard. Their images achieve the status of what Gardner calls “human documents”: visual evidence that testifies to our shared humanity. In images and words, the book adds to the already significant literature on photography and filmmaking as ways to gather both fact and insight into the human condition. In nearly 100 images spanning geographies and cultures including India, New Guinea, Ethiopia, and the United States, Human Documents demonstrates the important role photography can play in furthering our understanding of human nature and connecting people through an almost universal visual language.

Author and cultural critic Eliot Weinberger contributes the essay “Photography and Anthropology (A Contact Sheet),” in which he provides a new and intriguing context for viewing and thinking about the images presented here.


ISBN 9780873658577
128 pages
96 quadtones