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A few of the frequently requested images from the Peabody Museum collections are provided below. For more information about any of these images, please contact

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wealthy China bridal couple

Wealthy bridal couple, China, 1923. Photo by Frederick Wulsin. PM 56.55.60/15689.1.

Tikal altar

Altar VII, Tikal, Peten, Guatemala. PM 58.34.20/68356.

Samurai warrior

Samurai warrior with swords and costume, circa 1870. Photo by Stillfried & Anderson. PM 200 3.1.2223.345.

!Kung girl

!Kung girl playing the //gwashi, Nambia Kung San, circa 1950-1955. Photo by Lorna Marshall. PM 2001.29.258.

Kwakiutl dancers Kwakiutl dancers in regalia: Chicago World's Fair, circa 1893. PM 2004.24.29642.

bride and groom from Isleta Pueblo

Bride & groom from the Isleta Pueblo, New Mexico, circa 1889-1899. Photo by Charles Lummis. PM 63.22.10/99721.400.

Hopi maiden

Hopi maiden, circa 1901. Photo by Adam Clark Vroman. PM 2004.29.4855.

Awatovi wall painting

Awatovi VI-XV-II, Southwest, North America. PM 2004.

boy holding baby chick

Boy holding baby chick, Korea, 1952-1954 . Photo by Roger Marshutz. PM 2003.17.2923.

Peabody Museum entrance

Peabody Museum entrance hallway, circa 1893. PM 2004.24.1109.

Peabody Museum library

Peabody Museum library, circa 1893. PM 2004.24.1111.

F.W. Putnam at the Peabody Museum

F.W. Putnam in Peabody Museum office, Harvard. PM 2004.24.1789.

Peabody Museum exterior

Peabody Museum exterior PM 2004.24.1828

E.H. Thompson at sacred cenote

E.H. Thompson & sacred cenote, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico. PM 58.34.20/29798.

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