Sample Collections Exercises

The example exercises provided here are purposely broad-stroke, and can be easily modified to meet specific pedagogical goals. Each exercise begins with an introductory explanation of the intention of the exercise, along with some suggested discussion questions. 

The exercises are formatted so that guidance for instructors is italicized. A second version, with only the exercise itself, is also available for download. Instructors may decide which version they want to give their students in class.


Download collections exercises here:

Description and Interpretation

      Description and Interpretation, Activity Only

Sketching and Storytelling

      Sketching and Storytelling, Activity Only

Collections as a Collection

      Collections as a Collection, Activity Only



“Description and Interpretation” and “Sketching and Storytelling” were inspired by exercises developed by Arts Educator Annie Storr. Our thanks to Annie and her “Exercises for the Quiet Eye.”