Karina García García

Co-Director and community liaison of Harvard’s research project for the Conservation, Education, and Development of Archaeological Museums of Copán (COEDMAC), Honduras, for which she administers and contributes to heritage projects in archaeology, conservation, museum exhibitions, and international workshops in conservation, since 2007. She oversees the Copan sculpture database, is the project financial administrator, and was a research assistant for the Peabody Museum exhibition “Fragile Memories: Archaeology and Community, Copan, Honduras, 1891-1900,” which is now installed at the Town Hall in Copan Ruinas and available online.

BA in Business Administration, Christian University of Honduras (2018), cum laude
Society of American Archaeologists
Symposio of Archaeological Research in Guatemala
Intern, archaeological excavations, Cancuen, Guatemala (2016)


Honduran Co-Directors at Harvard's International Workshop
on the Copan Tunnel Conservation, Jan. 2020.
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