Julian Adelso Canán

Co-Director of Harvard’s research project for the Conservation, Education, and Development of Archaeological Museums of Copán (COEDMAC), Honduras, for which he supervises and contributes to heritage projects in archaeology and conservation, specializing in 3D scanning projects (2007–present). He is completing a BA from the University of San Carlos Guatemala; has interned for archaeological investigations at Guatemalan field sites of Naranjo (2016), Quetzaltenango (2017); Holmul (2017); advocates for indigenous and descendant voices in Copan archaeological investigations and for reviving Ch’orti’ Maya traditions; presented at the Society of American Archaeologists conference, and the Symposio of Archaeological Research in Guatemala, and participated in international conservation workshops. 


Honduran Co-Directors at Harvard's International Workshop on the
Copan Tunnel Conservation, Jan. 2020.
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