How to Order

Most Peabody Museum Press books are sold and distributed by Harvard University Press. For a complete list of Peabody Museum Press titles and to view the current Harvard University Press catalogue, please browse the HUP website.

Available from the Peabody

Titles listed on the Available from the Peabody page can be ordered from the Peabody Museum Press or your local bookseller. To order, email or call 617-495-4255

Available from Harvard University Press

To order all other Peabody Museum Press publications, contact Harvard University Press.

Customer Service, Harvard University Press
c/o Triliteral-LLC
100 Maple Ridge Drive
Cumberland, RI 02864-1769

Phone: USA & Canada, 1-800-405-1619; all others, 401-531-2300
FAX: USA & Canada, 1-800-406-9145; all others, 401-531-2801
Titles & current catalogue
Online sales information

Individuals are urged to order through their local bookseller.