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Procupine-quill vest

Harness ornament, Norway

 Harness ornament, Norway

Detail, model of a Japanese kitchen

Model of a Japanese Kitchen

Hand signals for hunting

!Kung hand signals for hunting

bullock cart, detail

Model of a bullock cart with driver and passengers


Day of the Dead candle stick

squirrel basket

Lidded basket in the shape of a squirrel

bone flute

Peruvian bone flute

 Bayaka mask

 Boys' Intiation mask, Bayaka

detail-Sarah Molasses

Portrait of Sarah Molasses, Penobscot

Moche stirrup vessel

Stirrup-spout bottle depicting a puma attacking a prisoner

Calumet detail

Detail: Double-fan calumet stem

Detail Zulu headrest

Wish-fulfilling Zulu headrest

oracle bone fragment

Chinese oracle bone fragment

Female Liberian mask

Gio (Go’pl) female wooden mask

Lakota breastplate

“hair-pipe” breastplate

Kuna mola

Kuna mola with a two-gourds pattern

carved halibut hook

Tlingit carved halibut hook

carved wooden panel

Carved wood panel with hunting scene

Niagara Falls whimsey

Niagara Falls Whimsey

Mississippian effigy bowl

Bird Effigy Bowl

Japanese fabic stencil

Japanese Fabric Stencil

Proclamation Board Tasmainia detail

Proclamation Board detail, Tasmania


Peruvian textile

Peruvian Embroidered Mantle Fragment

Plains Knife Sheath

Plains Knife Sheath

Cast of Aztec stone plaque

Aztec Ahuizotl Stone

Balinese Ink drawing

Balinese Ink Drawing

Shoowa textile detail

Shoowa Prestige Gift Textile

daguerreotype of a chinese woman

Daguerreotype of a Chinese Woman


Four-Prong Spearhead

mosaic blade

Mosaic Blade

Berber necklace

Berber Necklace

Beaver bowl

Beaver Bowl



shell gorget

Shell Gorget

Maya jade head

 Maya carved head

Cocle gold disk

 Gold Disk

fishermans' god

 Fisherman's God



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