General Information

Policies & Procedures for Outgoing Loans

The Peabody Museum enhances global knowledge through multidisciplinary research, teaching, and the dissemination of scholarship. The Museum maintains a highly qualified professional staff who insure proper collections care and management and who facilitate use of the collections in research, teaching, and exhibition. Loan policy and procedures have been developed to maintain the integrity and security of the Museum's collection resources.


  • The Peabody Museum lends only properly accessioned and catalogued material.
  • The Peabody Museum lends to institutions only.
  • All requests are considered by the Collections Review Committee.
  • All loans must be approved by the Director.
  • All loans are subject to the terms outlined on the individual loan agreement. Loans are generally made for the period of one year or less, subject to annual recall. If more than four renewal requests are made, the loan will be reconsidered by the loan review committee. No loans will be made for longer than five years.
  • Unless alternate arrangements are agreed upon in writing, all loans must be returned to the Peabody Museum in the order in which they leave. For research loans, collections returned must be accompanied by a report of findings, whether or not formal publication results. If formally published, the Peabody Museum will receive a complimentary copy of the report.


The Peabody Museum processes a large volume of outgoing loans for exhibition and research purposes. Procedures for loans made for both purposes are identical and are intended to allow the needs of both the Peabody Museum and the borrower to be met satisfactorily.

Procedures include the following:

  • All requests must be submitted in writing on institutional letterhead and addressed to the Curatorial Division, Registrar, or Director. Information on the intended use of collections, the requested duration of the loan period, and any other details pertinent to the request are necessary for consideration. Written requests must stipulate the nature of collections use or type of research to be conducted, the accession and catalogue numbers of the objects requested, and a time framework. Research requests should also stipulate expected results.
  • Following consideration by the loan review committee and approval of the Director, the requestor is provided with a preliminary estimate of costs and informed of borrowing responsibilities.
  • All loans require a minimum of six months to process from the time that approval is granted and a final list of loan objects determined.
  • Each object or group of objects lent is documented on an individual loan agreement and photographed for record-keeping purposes.
  • If an individual is affiliated with a museum, the loan agreement must be signed by the director or registrar of the receiving institution. If the requestor is affiliated with an academic department, the agreement must be signed by the department chairman.
  • Specifications of loan return are made at the time of initial loan negotiation. Notification of the loan’s return must be made a minimum of one month in advance. Arrangements are to be made with Peabody Museum staff according to policy and conditions of loan outlined above.


The Peabody Museum lends its collections far more frequently than it borrows materials. Consequently, in order for the Peabody Museum to recover some costs for this service, it is necessary to assess borrowers a portion of the Museum's expenses. In the event that a loan is canceled before it has been fully executed, the borrower will be responsible for all services provided to date, as well as the full administrative fee. Borrowers are subject to the following fees:

Administrative services

This fee covers locating collections, review by staff, and registrarial procedures to process, pack,
ship, monitor, receive, and return collections to storage.

  • $150 per object for exhibition loans at single or first venue. Objects in exhibition traveling to additional venues will be billed $100 per object/additional venue.
  • $250 per loan for research loans requiring less than 20 hours administration. Time over 20 hours will be additionally billed at $10 per hour. Upon review by committee, up to $150 is refundable to the borrower upon receipt of collection as stipulated and receipt of report of findings.


  • $90 per hour as required for loan. Conservation will be conducted by Peabody Museum staff, unless otherwise arranged in advance. Fee includes standard materials and labor. Cost of additional materials will be borne by borrower.

Appraisal (if required)

  • Appraisal fee will be borne by borrower.


  • Cost of all risk fine arts "wall to wall" insurance for duration of loan period (in transit and on location) of object's appraised value will be borne by borrower. If Peabody maintains its own insurance, borrower may be provided with Certificate of Insurance upon request. If borrower insures, Peabody Museum will stipulate conditions.

Mount fabrication (if required)

  • Costs of mount fabrication will be borne by borrower.


  • Packing method will be specified by Peabody Museum. Costs of material and labor will be borne by borrower.


  • Shipping will be specified by Peabody Museum. All transportation costs (carrier, customs brokerage, freight forwarding, additional security, etc.) will be borne by borrower.

Courier (if required)

  • Borrower is responsible for courier's transportation costs and per diem (accommodations and meals). Per diem must not be less than the U.S. Government rate.

Photographic image (if required)

  • All objects must have a reproducible image available before leaving the Museum. If a suitable image does not exist, the borrower will be billed the production costs.