Current Issue

RES 65/66 2014/2015

Edited by Francesco Pellizzi

RES 65/66 includes:

“Editorial: Old and new angels–visible/invisible” by Francesco Pellizzi

“Masterful hands” by Stephen Houston, Barbara Fash, and David Stuart

“Encounters with dragons” by Mary Weismantel

“Why give birth to enemies?" by Guilhem Olivier

“The materiality of color in the body ornamentation of Aztec gods” by Élodie Dupey García

“Crucifixion piety in New Mexico” by Cristina Cruz González

“A new ordering of Adena tablets based on a deeper reading of the McKensie Tablet” by Duncan Caldwell

“A terrifying mimesis” by  Z. S. Strother

“Franchising minkisi in Loango” by Wyatt MacGaffey

“Alluring obscurity” by Lisa Homann

“Pausanias and the figural decoration of Greek sacred architecture” by Clemente Marconi

“The aesthetics of landscape and icon at Sinai” by Bissera V. Pentcheva

“The gifts of the Gorgon” by Paroma Chatterjee

“Vain labor(?)” by Achim Timmermann

“Seeing through stone” by Karen Overbey

“The crucifixions of Velázquez and Zurbarán” by Juan José Lahuerta

“The space of knowledge” by Noam Andrews

“Heritage and humility in the Republic of Tools” by Katrin Seyler

“The pulpit trap” by Ines G. Zupanov

“Antimatter” by Edward Vazquez

“Visual difficulty as a cultural system” by Bret Rothstein

Contributions to Lectures, Documents, and Discussions by Remo Bodei, Alessandra Russo, Éric MichaudMaria H. Loh, Ara H. Merjian, and Roberto Calasso. 

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416 pages
209 halftones, 26 line illustrations
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