Current Issue

RES 63/64 Spring/Autumn 2013

Edited by Francesco Pellizzi

RES 63/64 includes:
“Source and trace” by Christopher S. Wood

“Climatic variability and pictorial oscillation“ by Whitney Davis

“Timelessness, fluidity, and Apollo’s libation“ by Milette Gaifman

“A liquid history: Blood and animation in late medieval art” by Beate Fricke

“Drawing blood” by Anne Dunlop

“Guercino’s ‘wet’ drawing” by Nicola Suthor

“Volcano equals head equals kiln equals phallus: Connecting Gauguin’s metaphors of the creative act” by Dario Gamboni

“On sources: Mythical and historical thinking in fin-de-siècle Vienna” by Mario Wimmer

“A Neolithic childhood: Children’s drawings as prehistoric sources” by Barbara Wittmann

“The form of the indistinct: Picasso and the rise of ‘Generic Creativity’” by Gabriele Guercio

“Trace and source in Walter Benjamin’s thought: About a polarity” by Chiara Cappelletto

“Modern architecture and prehistory: Retracing The Eternal Present (Sigfried Giedion and André Leroi-Gourhan)” by Spyros Papapetros

“The readymade metabolized: Fluxus in life” by David Joselit

“Catastrophes and their images: Event and pictorial act” by Jörg Trempler

“Picabia’s quasi-name” by Aurélie Verdier

Contributions to Lectures, Documents, and Discussions by Frank Fehrenbach; Alexander Nemerov; Remo Guidieri; Félix Duque; Marvin Trachtenberg; Alexander Nagel; Robert Smithson (with Irving Sandler and Alexander Nagel); Anna Begicheva (with Natasha Kurchanova); Francesco Pellizzi; and D. Graham Burnett, Jac Mullen, and Sal Randolph.

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