Samina Quraeshi

Gardner Visiting Fellow, 2008–2009

Samina Quraeshi is an award-winning author, artist and designer. She has devoted her life to cultivating the vital relationship between art and culture through national and international initiatives as a way to foster greater understanding among people.

As an artist, writer and photographer Samina brings the multifaceted story of Islamic culture in South Asia to the international stage. As a teacher of community studies and design she is committed to intellectual and cultural diversity and exhibits wide-ranging knowledge of issues related to interdisciplinary work. As a senior executive in academia and government she is committed to collaboration and strategic alliances. A natural leader, with organizational savvy and management skill, she demonstrates a diplomatic acumen for allocating resources and creating partnerships between private and public sectors, between NGO’s and government officials and between the academy and the community.

Fellowship Project: Sacred Spaces

“Sacred Spaces” is a book, exhibition, lecture series, musical performance, and video whose mission is to project the enlightened and tolerant view of Islam through the mystical poetry and music of South Asia.