Woman's sealskin coat
Woman's sealskin winter coat, Ainu. Gift in memory of William Penn Brooks. PM 40-47-60/7044.

Asian collections include materials from Eastern Asia, as well as the Middle East, Russia, and Central Asia. Excavation material comes from across the region, particularly Iran, Turkey, India, Vietnam, China, and Burma; ethnographic materials, from Japan and China. The Asian osteological collections are particularly strong in the Middle East, with modest collections from China, India, Iran, and Iraq, and are primarily associated with archaeological material. 

Collection Highlights

Some of these links will take you to OASIS (the Online Archival Search Information System), a union catalog of Finding Aids created by archival and manuscript repositories at Harvard. Collections represented on OASIS have links to the OASIS homepage. To learn more about OASIS and to view Peabody Museum Finding Aids online, follow the OASIS link, then use the keywords below to narrow your search.

Skhul V

One of the most important items in the Asia collections is Skhul V from Israel, considered among the most significant fossils for the study of human evolution. 

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