Northwestern and Arctic Expeditions

William S. Laughlin Aleutian Expedition

Inventory No. 10-63
Accession No. 48-42
Date: 1948
Photographers: Various
Collector: William S. Laughlin (1919– )

Related Collections:
Artifacts: 48-42.
Paper Archives: 48-42.

In 1948, William S. Laughlin directed an expedition to the Aleutian and Pribolef Islands. The expedition team reported on the history, culture, language, physical condition, and origins of the Aleutians and discovered the site of a prehistoric village at Nikolski. Leica negatives contain scenes from sealing, village life, and physical anthropology. Other museum holdings include aerial photographs, fieldnotes, and site photographs attributed to William S. Laughlin, Alan G. May, and Stanley Garn, among other expedition team members.