Bushnell Collection

Inventory PA-IN10-46

Photographs of North American artifacts in European museum collections

  • 5 plates of objects found in Museum of Great Britain. From MAN, Dec. 1906. Buffalo hair bags and clubs
  • 3 plates of objects in Historical Museum, Bern, Switzerland.
    • wampum belts and Crow buffalo robe
    • unlabelled volume of American Anthropologist
  • 5 mounted photos in Sloan Collection, British Museum, 1906. From American Anthropologist. VIII., Oct-Dec, 1906.
  • Plate of 4 woven hats from Anthropological Museum, Florence. Described by Prof. Gigholi (?) in the 'Archivio' vol. XXV, no. 1, 1895.
  • 5 plates from "North American Ethnographical Material in Italian Collections, 1906." In Am. Anth. April-June 1906.
  • 12 mounted photos of "North American Ethnographic Material in Museums" - majority taken by Bushnell, 1905/1906.
  • From US National Museum (2 unmounted)
    • Crow and buzzard feathers- Oct/Nov. 1841
    • Copehim Indians near San Francisco, capt. Charles Wilkes 1835- 1842.
  • *From Ashmolean Museum, England. Photos taken in 1906.
    • Matchcoat from Canada 1656.
  • From Historical Museum, Bern, Swizterland. In Schoch Collection, brought from US in 1838. Photos taken in 1906.
    • spear, shirts (Sac, Fox, Blackfoot)
    • woven cloth with sewn on shells
    • wampum: 2 long belts 4 small belts, 3 strings
    • birch bark containers; set of 30, nested.
  • From Kirchiriana Museum, Rome. Photos taken 1905.
    • Buckskin bag with quill-work and other artifacts
  • From unidentified collection(s)
    • 2 border straps and small twined bag
  • 11 copies of mounted photos from Florence Museums: relates to Acc. no 05-1. From The R. Museo Archeologico
    • Vaso francois
  • Situle di Bulsena e Chiusi
    • Urna cineraria con sculture rappresentanti un combattimento
    • 2 photos with labels rolled so not visible
    • Sarcophagus (from Museo Etrusco)
    • Anfora
    • Vasi (attica) a figure nere
  • 10 photos related to excavation of Etruscan tombs

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Switzerland: Auvernier, Lake of Neuchaetel

15 Mouted photos, 1 unmounted:

  • Auvernier, Lake Neuchatel and vicinity (probably). 1887. 1 mounted.
  • Views of the lake, peat bog and mining (peat). 13 mounted, 1 unmounted.
  • Photo of David I. Bushnell, Jr., 1905. Gathering peat (material) from Lake Latean, Neuchatel, Switzerland.