Bushnell Collection

Inventory PA-IN10-46

Virginia Publications Folder

  • "Evidence of Indian Occupancy in Albermarle County, VA." Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collection, vol. 89, #7, plates 1, 4, 5.1, 5.2, 11.
  • "Indian Sites Below the Falls of the Rappahannock." Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collection, vol. 96, ca. 1937.
  • "The Five Monacan Towns in Virginia 1907." Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collection, vol. 82, #12, pls. 2, 2, 1, 12(2) p.38
  • "The Manahoac Tribes in Virginia, 1608." Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collection, vol,94, # 5, pl. 19. Aerial view of Richards Fords on the Rappahannock... 29, 1934.
  • "Virginia from Early Records."American Anthropologist, 9 (1), Jan-Mar 1907. 7 plates: see also Museum box
    • Pohaton, King of Virginia's habit. In Ashmolean Museum, England
    • Virginia purse. In Ashmolean Museum, England.
    • Seal of Sir Walter Raleigh as Govenor of VA 1584. Fig 1. In British Museum, London
    • Bows from Virginia. Ashmolean Museum, England. Plate 7, p.31
    • Drawings made by John White 1585. Pl. 3, 7, 2 (see also John White in Paintings and Drawings Box).
  • "The Origin of Wampum." Journal of Anthropological Institution, 30, n.s. IX, 172 p.m. in the British Museum. Jan-June 1906.
  • 3 plates
    • A Chief Herowan, plate 17
    • Wampum, pl. 18
    • One of the nyres of Wyngyne
  • Virginia - miscellaneous folder
  • 1 mounted of 2 photos of 'Mound about two and a half miles south of Leesburg, Loudan County, VA.
  • 2 prints of 3 stone tools from a cache in Madison County, VA.
  • 2 mounted, 1 unmounted photos of 'stone implements ised in unknown publication, maybe pertaining to the Rappahannock? 1 axe, 4 tools, and 3 points.
  • 1 mounted of 'mortar made of coarse sandstone. Found near bank of Cameron Run, about 3 miles from the Potomac, Fairfax County, VA.
  • 1 mounted photo. 'Object resembling a lancet, pointed and with very sharp edges. Discovered on or near the site of Quiyough, as indicated on the map of 1624. Material, chert. Natural size. Captain John Smith, referring to the Indians of Virginia, wrote (p. 74) "Their chirurgery...with this root wighsacan they ordinarily heal greene wounds: but to sacrifice a swelling or make incision, their best instrumentss are some splinted stone."
  • 2 mounted pen and ink copies of scraper tools.
  • 1 mounted photo of 12 points
  • 1 mounted copy of pen and ink sketch of "An 'adze-like celt' from the site on the left bank of the James River, about 3 miles below Norwood, Nelson County, VA. USNM no. 136175.
  • Glass plate: 16875. 41-72. "Section of the Lederer Map, 1670. Stream on right in Rappahannock (1 section of map). VIRGINIA. Taken by D.I. Bushnell, Jr. See "The Manahoac tribes in Virginia." Fig. 1
  • Glass plate: 16876, 41-72. "Section of the Lederer Map, 1670. Stream on right in Rappahannock (2nd section of map). VIRGINIA. Taken by D.I. Bushnell, Jr. See "The Manahoac Tribes in Virginia." Fig. 3
  • 4 aerial views (all same)- 3 miles above Rogers Ford, March 29, 1938.
  • 1 aerial view- "valley of Rappahannock after the Freshet." US Army Am. corps
  • 1 view of material exposed by the freshet.
  • Negatives of Virginia; archaeological sites
  • some associated prints included

Related Publications

  • "Evidence of Indian Occupancy in Albermarle County, VA." Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, vol. 89, no. 7.
  • "Evidence of Early Indian Occupancy near the peaks of otter and Bedford Counties." Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections vol. 99, no. 15.
  • "Indian Sites below the Falls of the Rappahannock, VA." Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, vol. 96, no. 4
  • "Five Monacan Towns in Virginia, 1607." Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections. v. 82, no. 12.


  • "Indian Occupancy between the James and Rivanna Rivers."


  • N16787a-N16790a,b: James River, Nelson County, VA
  • N16833-N16835,37: Sutherland Site, Albermarle County, VA
  • N16824-N16831: Pritchett Site, Albermarle County, VA
  • N16822-N16823: Berkeley Site, cache, Albermarle County, VA
  • N16805-N16812,14-17,19-20: Oliver Site, near Red Hill
  • N16791-N16797: North of Rivanna/ Union Mill and Columbia. Fluvanna County, VA
  • N16798a-N16802: Old Lynchburg Road, Albermarle County, VA
  • N16779-N16782: Mound South of Leesburg, Loudan County, VA (see also Misc. VA box for assoc. print)
  • N16783-N16786: Elmington, Nelson County, VA
  • Monacan of James River, 1928.
  • Gentry Farm, Charlottesville
  • N16840: Glass plate in VA Glass Plate Box: Monasukaparough, Albermarle County, VA