Skhul V CT scans

In 2001, Professor Daniel Lieberman in collaboration with Dr. Peter Ratiu and Anne McGinnis at Harvard Medical School CT scanned the Skhul V cranium (PM 46-49-60/N7365.0). In an agreement with the Peabody Museum these images are being made available to scholars for personal research or teaching purposes.

The CT scans are in no-header format and may be viewed with CT software. The Peabody Museum cannot offer assistance in viewing the scans or analyzing the data that the scans provide.

Please note: These scans may not be published electronically or in print without prior permission from the Peabody Museum. To obtain permission to publish, contact

If you wish to study Skhul V or any other artifact in the Peabody Museum collections for research purposes, you can find out more about researcher access here.


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