CAT Scan Information

The specimen was scanned on a Siemens multidetector scanner, at 0.5 mm slice thickness, individual slices (not spiral, for better resolution).

The original study was then reformatted about the Frankfurt horizontal and the noise was removed. The original data set (in the axial plane) as well as the reformatted data in all three orthogonal orientations are available as noheader files.

Original acquisition parameters:

inferior to superior
gantry_tilt = 0.000000
pixel_xsize = 0.488281
pixel_ysize = 0.488281
fov = 250.000000
aspect = 1.024000
thick = 0.500000
space = 0.000000

Reformatted parameters:

isotropic voxels at 0.488281 mm
axial inferior to superior
sagittal left to right
coronal back to front
Format 2D no header
16 bit, unsigned

Also available are:

* Sample animations in mpeg format
* Maximum Intensity Projections (MIPs)

* A simple VTK model