Archaeological Photographic Collections

Utah Rock Art

Petroglyphs, Nine Mile Canyon, Uta. PM 2004.24.33016.

Frederick Putnam et al. at Chillocothe, Ohio
Frederick W. Putnam, Dr. C. L. Metz and others, Chillicothe, Ohio, c.1890s. PM 2004.24.1226.

 Southwestern Expeditions »

  • Hemenway Southwestern Archaeological Expedition
  • E. H. Husher Album
  • Thomas V. Keam Collection
  • A. V. Kidder Reports on Mimbres Valley Sites in New Mexico
  • Swarts Ruin, New Mexico
  • Upper Gila Expedition to Cerro Colorado, New Mexico
  • Claflin-Emerson Expeditions to Northeastern Utah, 1928-1931
  • Donald C. Scott Collection of Petroglyphs and Pictographs
  • Southeastern Utah Expedition to Alkali Ridge
  • Awatovi, Jeddito Valley, and Canyon de Chelly in Northeastern Arizona

Southeastern Expeditions »

  • Madisonville, Turner Group, and Serpent Mound Excavations
  • Lower Mississippi Survey

Northwest Coast & Arctic Expedition »

  • William S. Laughlin Aleutian Expedition


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