Policies & Photography

A Contract with the Public

The Peabody Museum endeavors to provide a safe and comfortable environment in which to learn and enjoy up-to-date research and information about world cultures through programs and exhibits that explore the disciplines of archaeology, social anthropology, and bio-anthropology.

To ensure that all visitors enjoy equal access and comfort during their visit, the museum expects visitors to

  • Respect and be courteous to other patrons
  • Respect other cultures
  • Respect museum and others' property
  • Follow instructions given by museum staff
  • Attend to hours of operation
  • Make reasonable use of facilities




Please note the following specific museum policies:
No flash photography or tripods
Photographs are for personal noncommercial use only; no professional photography without prior arrangement
No food or drink allowed on the premises
No running, or loud voices that may interfere with others' enjoyment