Osteology and Paleoanthropology Department Research Protocol

  • Respect the integrity of the human remains you are handling
  • Human remains may not be removed from the Osteology and Paleoanthropology collections. All research must be conducted under the supervision of a Peabody Museum staff member.
  • Potentially damaging substances are not allowed in collection storage or research areas. This includes all food. It is recommended that pencils be used whenever possible. Markers and pens should be kept away from the human remains.
  • Researchers must wear gloves and lab coat when handling human remains. Masks are also available. Lab coats and gloves are supplied by the Peabody Museum.
  • Handle and move human remains as infrequently as possible and always use both hands. Check the condition before removing human remains from their boxes. Look for weak points and stress areas, as surface condition. Provide overall support from underneath. Place each specimen on its most stable surface.
  • Examine only one catalog number or individual at a time unless specific permission has been granted. Labelling is usually limited to a few elements from each individual; it is very important to keep each individual physically separate from others (please take these limitations into account when scheduling a research visit).