Peabody Museum Annual Reports

The Peabody Museum's early annual reports contain detailed information about museum donors, collections, expeditions and operations. The Museum has digitized Annual Reports dated from 1868-1890 which are readily available online. Check the Table of Contents to find the year and section needed; original indices for the years 1868-1886 are included at the end of the annual report and contain site names, donor names, and subjects. Note: the early reports have inconsistent pagination and in some cases, page numbering starts over at page one while other volumes are numbered consecutively. Thus, page numbers are listed in the Table of Contents only if deemed useful.

Note: Annual Reports dated after 1890 are part of Harvard University's President Reports, which can be found on online through Harvard University Library.

Table of Contents

Volume I

Reports 1868 -1871 (PDF)

1868 p1
1869 p35
1870 p59
1871 p75

Reports 1872-1874 (PDF)

1872 p1
1873 p37
1874 p65

Reports 1875-1876  (PDF)

1875 p1
1876 p65

Volume II

10th Report 1876 (PDF)

On the Art of War and Mode of Warfare of the Ancient Mexicans (PDF)

11th Annual Report 1877 (PDF)

The Manufacture of Soapstone Pots by the Indians of New England (PDF)

Observations on the Crania from the Stone Graves in Tennessee (PDF)

12th Annual Report 1878 (PDF)

On the Social Organization and Mode of Government of the Ancient Mexicans (PDF)

On the Social Organization and Mode of Government of the Ancient Mexicans (continued) (PDF)

13th Annual Report 1879 (PDF)

Volume III

Reports 1880-1881 (PDF)

1880 p1
1881 p53

Notes on the Copper Objects from North and South America Contained in the Collections of the Peabody Museum. (PDF)

Reports 1882-1883 (PDF)

1882 p1
1883 p35

Notes Upon Human Remains from Caves in Coahuila, Mexico page (PDF)

Abstract from the [Trustee] Records, 1884 Seventeenth Report of the Curator (PDF)

18th Annual Report 1884 (PDF)

19th Annual Report 1885 (PDF)

20th Annual Report 1886 (PDF)

Unbound Reports

Reports 1887-1890 (PDF)

1887 p1
1888 p25
1889 p67
1890 p89