American School of Prehistoric Research

The American School of Prehistoric Research (ASPR) Monographs in Archaeology and Paleoanthropology present a series of documents covering a variety of subjects in the archaeology of the Old World (Eurasia, Africa, Australia, and Oceania). This series encompasses a broad range of subjects—from the early prehistory to the Neolithic Revolution in the Old World, and beyond including: hunter-gatherers to complex societies; the rise of agriculture; the emergence of urban societies; human physical morphology, evolution and adaptation, as well as; various technologies such as metallurgy, pottery production, tool making, and shelter construction. Additionally, the subjects of symbolism, religion, and art will be presented within the context of archaeological studies including mortuary practices and rock art. Volumes may be authored by one investigator, a team of investigators, or may be an edited collection of shorter articles by a number of different specialists working on related topics.

Series Editors

C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky, Harvard University
David Pilbeam, Harvard University
Ofer Bar-Yosef, Harvard University

Editorial Board

Steven L. Kuhn, University of Arizona, Tucson
Daniel E. Lieberman, Harvard University
Richard H. Meadow, Harvard University
Mary M. Voigt, College of William and Mary
Henry T. Wright, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor



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