Stephen Dupont

Gardner Photography Fellow, 2010

Stephen Dupont

Over the past six years, Dupont has traveled to Papua New Guinea, photographically documenting its changing face and the powerful impact of globalization on the fabric of its traditional Melanesian society. As the Museum’s 2010 Robert Gardner Photography Fellow, Dupont returned to Papua New Guinea and explored the mountainous Highlands, the serpentine Sepik River and the dangerously gritty capital city, Port Moresby. His photographs and artist’s journals document tremendous social change caused by globalization, HIV-AIDS, migration, poverty, and new wealth.

In his travels across Papua New Guinea—located north of Australia, on the eastern half of the island of New Guinea —Dupont set up temporary outdoor studios and made innovative portrait photographs.

“I use white and black bed sheets to create an outdoor studio that not only captures my sitter but also allows me to reveal the audience gathering and the environment around the sheet," says Dupont. "You feel as if you are on the streets of Mt. Hagen or in a Sepik village."

Dupont's portraits, landscapes, and diaries are a journey through Papua New Guinea's villages, cities, mines, valleys, and traditional tribal ceremonies.

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Piksa Niugini: Portraits and Diaries is co-published with Radius Books of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
2 volumes, hardbound in slipcase. 8.5 x 11 inches.
Volume 1, Portraits: 144 pages, 80 duotone, 6 color images.
Volume 2, Diaries: 216 pages, 146 color images


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