From Nation to Nation

Examining Lewis & Clark's Indian

Weaving History Video

"Weaving History" follows the production of the sally bag, "Honoring the Weaver of the 1805 Wasco Basket," to its ultimate display in the Peabody Museum's exhibition, "From Nation to Nation: Examining Lewis and Clark's Indian Collection."

As Wasco fiber artist Pat Courtney Gold weaves her basket, she reflects on its historical, environmental, cultural, and creative influences. Primary among these is the Peabody Museum's original sally bag, a twined circular basket.  It may have been traded to Lewis and Clark when they reached Oregon's vast Columbia River in the early nineteenth century. Design influences include the salmon fishing nets, central to Wasco economy and culture, as well as the face of ancestral leader Tsagaglalal (She Who Watches), whose image appears in petroglyphs along the Columbia River to this day.

Directed and produced by Ilisa Barbash.


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Available from Peabody Museum Press 

Arts of Diplomacy: Lewis and Clark's Indian Collection
by Castle McLaughlin; Photographs by Hillel S. Burger; Foreword by James P. Ronda


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